HEINEKEN is raising awareness of physical activity

For one year, HEINEKEN is raising awareness of the benefits of physical activity!
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Katy LE ROUX - Health and Safety Manager (department linked to the HR Department)

“We were really impressed by the word-of-mouth that was enough to engage employees in this operation. In addition to the physical health benefits, Kiplin games have a great effect on the mental health of our teams, particularly through teamwork and empathy”.

The Program

HEINEKEN chose a full program, deployed for 1 year and including: 3 highlights with games, physical activity sessions in video and health education webinars (diet, sleep, physical activity).

Word of mouth. During the first game, word-of-mouth was enough to engage employees. During the second game, a wider audience joined in: employees with a more sedentary profile understood the interest and joined the operation.

Teams to build relationships. The creation of teams was mainly based on affinity. To go beyond this first circle and encourage the creation of new links, inter-departmental or inter-site teams were also created.

1 year, 3 games, 3 highlights. HEINEKEN has chosen 3 games spread over the year: the challenge, the adventure (with a map to go around the world) and finally, the board game with a charity aspect. For this last game, the employees chose to transform their physical activity into donations for the benefit of 3 associations: Surf Rider, Association Rêve, and Terre d’abeilles.

Kiplin provided real support and guidance for the teams’ health prevention, really getting the message across.

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“The big advantage is that it’s not just theory: we take action and implement behavioral changes”.


By using games and group activities, Kiplin has made it possible to approach the theme of physical activity in a different way, to raise awareness of the challenges of physical inactivity and to forge new links between employees.

For Katy Le Roux, this program is a success: “Kiplin goes beyond the simple framework of a physical activity game: everyone felt concerned to participate in the game: moving and taking steps is achievable for everyone, even non-athletes!

New habits were established during and after each activity. The employees admit to walking more, especially on their way to the office. Some have even stopped taking public transportation to come completely on foot.

Other employees, who were very involved (via the chat, encouragement, and advice), have revealed other facets of their personality.
These effects also contribute to change management: “At HEINEKEN, the Kiplin animation is the QWL project that has reached the most people”.

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