The CAF of Haute-Garonne gets its employees moving

The CAF of Haute-Garonne gets its employees moving during the week of mobility
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The Context

During the week of mobility, the CAF of Haute-Garonne proposed to its employees to get back on the move, whether in the office or in remote working.

In a context of reinforced remote working (with only one or two days in the office per week), the CAF of Haute-Garonne chose to propose a physical activity challenge to its employees in order to recreate team cohesion and to set up a health prevention action by passing on messages related to sedentary lifestyle.
The Kiplin game was set up as part of an event on the theme of soft mobility, which also included the provision of electric bikes.

Marion DELAPERCHE - Quality of Life at Work project manager

“We are very satisfied with our Kiplin animation which was able to unite the teams, even remotely, while bringing fun and good spirit! The employees surpassed themselves and we observed a real emulation.”

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The Program

With a two-week animation, the CAF of Haute-Garonne succeeded in motivating its employees to move on a daily basis, including by mobilizing the teams remotely.

Whether working from home or from one of the 8 CAF sites in Haute-Garonne, all employees were invited to increase their daily physical activity.

In teams of 5 – often created by affinity within the departments – the participants opted for a short walk during their lunch break, preferred the stairs to the elevator or imagined small daily physical activity sessions.

Motivational messages and information about the benefits of physical activity were also posted in the offices to encourage employees to move regularly.

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Stakes & Objectives

Objectives: promote physical activity among employees, convey messages related to the challenges of soft mobility and recreate links, including with remote teams.

Stakes: involve as many employees as possible in the process, in a context of remote work and with teams distributed among the 8 branches of the region.

“Participants found the application easy to use and the menu simple to understand. The process is very fluid, from registration to the end of the game. The role of the Kiplin Pilot (the referee) was also very important, whether it was to help our employees, explain the rules of the game or moderate the messages.”

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In these complicated times when it is difficult to unite teams, Kiplin has succeeded in creating a bond between employees and fostering team spirit.

Marion Delaperche admits that she was surprised by how well the teams received the animation and how well they accepted the game. The operation was innovative and very popular, with a simple concept and a quick result, directly on the application.

“It’s a real breath of fresh air that helps break bad habits of sitting and creates new exchanges on the subject of sedentary lifestyles,” says Marion.
Once the operation was over, the challenge remained in people’s minds, and some new habits persisted: several employees are now motivated, for example, to stop taking the elevator or to finish their lunch with a short walk outside.

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