Kiplin’s Frequently Asked Questions

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Physical activity challenges

To join a Kiplin program or game, simply download the Kiplin mobile app, available on iOS and Android, and enter the code provided by your organization.

Daily activity is tracked using the accelerometer on the player’s phone or connected wristband. We don’t use GPS tracking, so it’s important to keep your connected device with you as much as possible during the game.

The Kiplin application is compatible with Garmin, Fitbit and Withings, as well as all connected objects that you can sync with Google Fit or Apple Health (including Apple Watch).

Each game has its own rules: the daily physical activity of each player is transformed into points, trophies, clues… A common rule: the regularity will always be more valued than the punctual intense effort.

A Kiplin game lasts between one and three weeks, to be defined together during the scope workshop.

Our teams are generally made up of 4 or 5 players. Beyond that, we lose the commitment of the players and below that, we lose the team cohesion effect.

A better health!

Kiplin’s games allow participants to change their lifestyle, to become aware of their sedentary lifestyle and to integrate physical activity in their daily life. The main benefit is therefore linked to the health and well-being of the players, while raising their awareness of health prevention in a fun way.

Thanks to our solidarity challenges, you can also give meaning to your event by making a donation to an association in line with your values, whether it has humanitarian, ecological or social goals. The players will move for a good cause!

Finally, it is also possible to organize an internal prize-giving to reward the most active team.

Organizing a Kiplin event

A Kiplin animation can be set up quickly. It takes one week to organize the game you want to deploy, and then 2 to 3 weeks to communicate and allow participants to register before the game is launched.

Kiplin will accompany you from start to finish to help you make this operation a real success. We provide you with a communication kit including, among other things, an invitation email, a poster, videos and various graphic elements to present the event to your participants and encourage as many people as possible to register.

Kiplin allows different types of organizations to organize an event. Whether you are a company or a public authority, we can set up a Kiplin game for as few as 100 participants.
For healthcare projects, we work with private or public healthcare institutions, as well as directly with healthcare professionals.

Participation in Kiplin programs

Of course you can! Physical activity and sport are two very different things. At Kiplin, we value moderate and regular physical activity such as walking.

Kiplin Pilot, your health ally, accompanies and motivates you throughout the Kiplin experience: animating the chat, launching challenges, answering all your questions. Who is behind Pilot? An animation team dedicated to your game!

We offer various formats of physical activity sessions, with different rhythms and levels, to adapt to everyone’s capacities. You can find, among others, sessions of muscular strengthening, stretching or relaxation, or more intensive sessions with cardio.

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