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Depending on your objectives, each game will meet your expectations. The concept is simple: to progress in the games, you must move in real life!

The Challenge

The rule of the game is simple: the more you walk, the more points you accumulate to move your team up in the general ranking.
Different challenges will also help you get bonus points!
The Mission game world

The Adventure

Set off to discover new universes, where each stage of the journey will make you discover its secrets. A game mixing team and competition, with a common objective and a team ranking.
The Adventure game world

The Mission

Put on your investigator's jacket and go solve puzzles as a team. Accumulate steps to unlock clues, and refine your hypotheses to solve the mysteries of our games.
The Mission game world

The Boardgame

A fun and interactive goose game! Use your footsteps to advance on the board and interact with the different obstacles. Team communication and cooperation will allow you to develop the most effective strategy to reach the top of the ranking.
The world of the Kiplin goose game

The Race

As a team, embark on a race without limits! Move every day and accumulate as many steps as possible to get speed boosts, or even to slow down your opponents. All moves are allowed!
The world of the game The Race
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