Connected challenges and physical activity sessions for the health and cohesion of your teams

Engage your employees around a fun and friendly activity, combining games, physical activity and team spirit! Get your teams moving remotely and use the game to unite and convey messages.

A turnkey offer


Choose and customize your game!
Choose this plan
  • For whom? All your employees
  • Commitment length 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks
  • Number of games 1 game of your choice
  • Game type Challenge, Adventure, Boardgame…
  • Physical Activity Session As an option
  • Bonus Reporting of the animation


Onboard your employees in a long-term program!
Choose this plan
  • For whom? All your employees
  • Commitment length From 3 months to a year
  • Number of games 3 or 4 games on 1 year
  • Game type Choose from the Kiplin offer
  • Physical Activity Session 3 sessions per week
  • Bonus 1 webinar on health prevention per month


Take care of your employee’s health
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  • For whom? Your employees with long-term illnesses
  • Commitment length 2 years
  • Program length 3 months per employee
  • Game type Based on Kiplin’s schedule
  • Physical Activity Session 1 customized session per week
  • Bonus Personalized support + 1 health prevention webinar per month
The Animation

The Animation

1, 2, or 3 weeks, to unite your employees around a common goal. Challenge each other in a ranking, increase the number of charity donations, climb Everest or go around the world… All levers are good to get your teams moving again and pass on messages: health prevention, solidarity, mobility…

Choose your theme, choose your game, Kiplin takes care of the rest!

The Program

The Program

3 or 4 games to customize throughout the year, physical activity webinars 3 times a week and a health prevention webinar once a month. Offer your teams a playful health prevention program!

If the Quality of Work Life of your employees is at the heart of your CSR policy, the Program will be the perfect solution for you. Each highlight is an opportunity to convey a different message.

A real accompaniment to help your employees get out of a sedentary lifestyle and to take care of their health.

APACO for Companies: sport on prescription

APACO for Companies : sport on prescription

Within the context of sport on medical prescription, Kiplin offers APACO for Companies. An individualized 12-week program designed to support your employees who are at risk. This program is available on medical prescription and can be used to help employees return to work after a long period of absence or to maintain employment for employees suffering from chronic illnesses.

This program includes an assessment, physical activity sessions via live video, and of course health games. It is supervised by a referral doctor and a nurse coordinator.

Connected physical activity challenge: how does it work?

A simple application to accompany your employees throughout the program.

You have questions? Check out Kiplin’s Frequently Asked Questions!

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Physical Activity session
  1. With our application, register in only 2 minutes, and create or join a team!

Why choose Kiplin?

A simple and quick animation to set up with games accessible to all, Kiplin helps you bring a good mood to your employees and energize your teams. Choose your dates, your game, and let’s go!



We provide you with the communication tools to promote the game internally. Once the game is launched, Kiplin takes care of everything: engagement, daily animation, technical support...



Kiplin adapts to your company's needs: customize the quiz, the game map or the messages throughout the animation.

Fun and interactive games

Fun and interactive games

Challenge, adventure, board game... Offer your teams a variety of worlds and game mechanics based on team cohesion!

Impact measurement & indicators

Impact measurement & indicators

At the end of your program, measure the impact: commitment rate, increase in the level of physical activity, participation in sessions...

Games to engage your teams

Games are not just for children, definitely not! A real motivational tool, it allows teams to be widely involved and has a concrete impact on participants:

  1. Lower stress

  2. Mood improvement

  3. Increased energy and creativity

  4. More social bonding

  5. Increase in productivity

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