Prescribe a fun and motivating adapted physical activity (APA) program for your patients

A non-drug digital therapy for all patients with chronic diseases (oncology, obesity, diabetes)

Discover APACO®, our connected Adapted Physical Activity (APA) program

A care pathway adapted to patients’ lifestyles to enable them improve their quality of life. APACO is a fun 12-week course, adapted to each patient’s pace of life, to enable him or her to simply practice regular physical activity.

Screen of the Games catalog
Kiplin application screen - Fitness Assessment
Screenshot from the Fireflyies' Odyssey game
Screen of the Kiplin chat
Screen of the home page of the app
Screen of an APA session
  1. With a simple physical activity prescription from a doctor, the patient can join the Kiplin course.

A patient-centered program supervised by healthcare professionals

Kiplin offers your patients the opportunity to join a 12-week program to resume regular physical activity in a fun way. A nurse coordinator accompanies patients throughout the program.

  1. Registration in only 2 minutes with the medical prescription for physical activity

  2. An initial physical shape assessment, certified as a Class I medical device

  3. Digital physical activity games with our patient community

  4. Remote APA sessions

  5. Webinars on health prevention

  6. A final health assessment, certified as a Class I Medical Device

  7. Results delivered to the doctor and the patient

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